Dorrin Rosenfeld, DC

Dr. Dorrin Rosenfeld, DC, has  recognition of her extensive experience of over 25 years in the specialty field of Chiropractic and as the Owner and Practicing Chiropractor of State of the Art Chiro where she works alongside her husband Dr. Robert M. Woolery, DC. In addition to her practice, Dr. Rosenfeld is also the Radio Show host for the show ” We Deserve Better”  for the Brain Injury Radio Network.

Dr. Rosenfeld began her professional journey after receiving her Degree in Philosophy and Women’s studies from Amherst College. Subsequently she joined the Peace Corps where she was teaching High School Chemistry in Belize, Central America. Her plans took a turn after she was hit by a tortilla truck while walking in Belize. After the incident, she had to spend about a year and a half in a hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.  Once she was discharged from the hospital following her accident in 1985, she returned to Belize from 1987-1988. It was there that she met Daniel Buffington, DC who started Dr. Rosenfeld on her Chiropractic journey.

Dr. Rosenfeld received her Chiropractic Degree from Life Chiropractic College West, where she met her husband Dr. Woolery, DC, whose goals and philosophy of Chiropractic aligned with hers. Although their head-injuries were 30 years apart, they mutually share insight into the simultaneous working of the brain and body to allow healing of their patients. This led to their venture as Co-Owners of their business State of the Art Chiro, which serves Vallejo and the surrounding area. State of the Art Chiro is committed to providing patients solutions for difficult cases including severe head injuries and brain-damage, as well as back pain, neck pain, headaches and muscular tightness. After an initial evaluation, a customized plan of chiropractic care is created based on the patients condition and health goals.

Among her many achievements, Dr. Rosenfeld also acts as a coveted broadcast host for the national Brain Injury Radio Network, for the program ” We Deserve Better” where she interviews people in the field of medicine, such as MD’s DC’s and others; as well as survivors.

Reflecting on her impressive career, Dr. Rosenfeld attributes her success to her perseverance and the ambition after the traumatic injury that changed her life forever. Chiropractors changed her life for the better and she is happy to be able to give her patients motivation to continue on their path to heal both the brain and the body.

Owner and Chiropractor of State of the Art Chiro

Radio Show host for the show ” We Deserve Better”  for the Brain Injury Radio Network

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